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"Attention-getting and authentic style."

-Dr. Peter Kreeft, Author of The Philosophy of Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings drew thousands into movie theaters ten years ago. Its "prequel" The Hobbit, has done the same. What if it could draw teens into a closer relationship with God? Hobbits, You, and the Spiritual World, released by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in November, 2013 does just that.

Hobbits, You, and the Spiritual World of Tolkien, due to be released by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in November, does just that.

The book takes twenty characters from the new movies (and other well-loved ones from Tolkien's Middle Earth), quotes, and Bible passages and intermingles them to forge a deeper understanding of how Bilbo's adventure means a whole lot more than readers may have realized.

Can teens' fascination with these fictional characters lead them to an understanding of their own character? More importantly, can it show them the claim of a loving Lord on their futures? After a fun look at each character's basic personality "theme," a Scripture passage relates that character trait to God's word on its use or misuse. Finally, a "How About You" exercise brings it home for application.

"I can't get over the way that this book draws you into the various plots and personas of Middle-earth. What is even greater is the way students are inspired to find their own place in God's epic journey. Jill she has the necessary formula to inspire life change in students.." Jason Boyer, National Director of Youth Ministry, Free Methodist Church USA

"I find her vocabulary and character development very engaging as well as the reflective questions." Scottie May, Assoc. Prof, Wheaton College

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How NOT to Be Noticed: My High School Anti-Plan for Success

Madeline-as in fine, not fin-wants to be called Arwen. She also wants to pass art without breaking anything, to live down her junior high nickname, to stop letting her best friend entangle her in activities that imply she cares about high school, and to convince her parents to give up their quest to adopt another daughter. Like any of that is going to happen.

She wants not to be noticed, to stand out, or to have to come out from behind the stage curtains, ever. Like that's not going to happen. Freshman year is not starting well.

At least she doesn't have to worry about hiding her feelings for Jason, because she doesn't have any. None at all.

So how does this girl who only wants to be not seen and not heard get to speaking her mind in front of half the town-and not necessarily the friendly half? Read "How NOT to Be Noticed: My High School Anti-Plan for Success" to find out.

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