Meet Jill

Jill found out she had a talent for public persuasion when she was thirteen (her mother says it started much earlier) and has been on various platforms ever since.

A mother of three interesting girls and wife of one fabulous man, she speaks on an eclectic range of topics, not surprising if you knew her life. Jill has a BA in English and Education and an MDiv in theology. She is an award-winning writer and speaker and an ordained minister. Jill has published four books and numerous articles in major periodicals and has spoken to groups in Chicagoland and surrounding states.

In her spare (?) time, Jill enjoys gardening, directing and performing in community theater, coaching junior high battle of the books teams, reading, travel, leading 4H, and playing Where's Waldo with her car keys.

Jill's experience and transparency give her a unique ability to connect with her audience's real needs and enable them to explore options for change and growth.

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