About Jill

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Short Version

Jill has been a high school teacher, pastor, editor, and writer, and the field is still wide open for future options. She writes in a variety of genres, having published hundreds of magazine articles, one novel, one book of plays, and two non-fiction books. Currently, she is working on a young adult novel involving one very unwilling heroine and her questionably legal friend.

Jill has a BA in English and Education from Washington University in St. Louis and an MDiv in theology from Bethel University, St. Paul. She is an award-winning writer and speaker.

Jill speaks in Chicago and surrounding areas. She serves as Pastor of Discipleship at Resolution Church in Oswego, Illinois.

Long-but-not-Tedious Version

No matter what Jill writes or speak about, her basic message remains: Hey, you're not perfect. Neither am I. Live in grace. Measuring up is strictly for geometry class, not people. Let's help each other on the journey to becoming what we were meant to be, not compete for road space.

Jill is a writer, speaker, former editor, pastor, and teacher, and mother of three. She graduated summa cum laude from seminary (with two toddlers in tow) having been the first pregnant student, to her knowledge, in that institute. She loves to break barriers, needless to say. She has survived cancer and kidney disease and may survive her last teenagers.

Jill has a BA in English and Education and an MDiv in theology. She is ordained in the Free Methodist Church and has served as a pastor of worship, preaching, and discipleship.

As a writer, Jill has written for national magazines such as Family Fun and Dog Fancy, as well as dozens of others. As a devout pursuer of knowledge for its own enjoyment, she has found more topics to write on than Rod Blagojevich has found ways to gain notoriety. From the theology of the psalms to getting your dog into college to driving your RV through the covered bridge capital (no, not capitol, capital. Big difference.), Jill has learned and written about it. Particular areas of interest have been: travel, parenting, perfectionism, and the grace of God. She has published four books and a whole lot of articles.

As a speaker, Jill would love to speak to your group on a variety of topics. She has spoken for parenting groups, school classrooms, retreats, and other events. Please see the suggested topics, or ask about one of your own.

As a pastor, she has developed a passion for throwing open the doors of God's grace--in her life, in her church, and in the lives of her listeners. God isn't for those who clean up, dress up, or measure up. He's for those who just show up.

As a teacher, Jill loves to introduce young people (and old ones too!) to the joys of writing and reading well, whether for personal enjoyment or as a career.

As a parent, she's made mistakes. So have you. And she's lived through things she sincerely prays you haven't. Jill's passions as a parent have been to nurture imagination and creativity in young children and to encourage older ones not to lose that, or lose themselves, in the painful pressure of the teen years.

Jill loves oceans, cats, chocolate, teenagers, her family, the Cubs, and God, not necessarily in that order. She is represented by Diana Flegel at Hartline Literary Agency.

To view Jill's Resume, click here.